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Saba Exclusive
Cricket Site


Through years of continuous development, testing and product innovation, SABA Sports has become a leader in Asian sports platforms.


Saba White Label View

This is an independent white-label sportsbook and is ready for integration now. This can be branded accordingly by operators and provide players with another interface option.


Saba Sports Cricket Site

Saba Sports has launched our new cricket product and interface to cater to the huge market potential that cricket and the India market bring to all our customers. For more information on how Sabasports can help you and your customers tap into the vast Southern Asian market, please refer to our Sabasports Cricket website for more information and have a look at our demo site.



We have created dozens of new gameplay options, such as the first and last corner kicks in the first half, the exact number of corner kicks in the first and second halves, the exact number of goals in penalty kicks, penalty kick odd/even, video assistant referee and more.

Sports Lottery

This product is exclusively developed by Saba Sports, including Soccer Lottery, NBA Lottery, and E-Sports Lottery. With beautiful graphic designs and game characters which are familiar to the players to make the games more fun and realistic.

Saba Soccer PinGoal

Merging the thrills of traditional pinball with soccer, Saba Soccer PinGoal provides players a unique in-play betting experience. Both teams will play on the same track side by side and points are awarded to the team as the ball moves along the tracks and hit designated scoring bumpers and flippers.

SABA Virtual Tournament

SABA's thousand-people development team launches the most virtual games in the market (SABA Virtual Game) in real time, and provides over 100 virtual games every day.

Number Game

SABA Sports's original animation 24/7 streaming for players to watch and play.

SABA E-Sports

With new generation and technology onboarding the E-sports scene, SABA E-sports pride itself by staying ahead of its competitors every step of the way.
SABA E-sports continues to improve and innovate. Recently, it has launched a new interface that is catered to E-sports players with a user-friendly event filter enabling players to find their preferred E-sports easily.

Flexible In-Play Betting

SABA Sports also offers the most flexible in-play settlement and in-play Cashout, maximizing a player's control in the ever-changing games.

The Largest Betting Pool In The Market

SABA Sports has the largest betting pool in the market. We monitor all betting patterns and can immediately detect any fraudulent bets, ensuring safe operation and accurate pricing of the entire platform.

User-Friendly Layout Design

SABA Sports supports all kinds of user systems. In addition to various desktop systems in different regions, it continuously updates the handheld version of SABA Sports based on analysis of the usage habit and attention interests of tens of thousands of mobile users every day. In an effort to keep improving mobile users' experience, other than the H5 design, we also offer a native APP that can be used both on iOS and Android smart phones.


Tired of cookie cutter platform styles? SABA Sports provides the industry's exclusive theme editor, where you can drag and drop modular components however you like, and enjoy real-time preview function, making the platform your unique work of art.

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